About 'The Assassin's Wedding'

The third book by W W Morgan is now available from www.88tales.com. The FIRST FIVE chapters can be downloaded for FREE.

Mike Shepard thinks about the fact he's getting married in a week's time.

Then he thinks that when your intended thinks you met at a party but you actually met at the scene of an assassination you were carrying out, it kind of makes a mockery of the concept of an honest relationship.

'The Assassin's Wedding' tells the tale of Michael Shepard's week. Not just any week. The week leading up to his wedding. He's nervous? Yup. Why? Well, mainly due to the small thing of secretly being an assassin. It's not the kind of thing you tell your prospective wife. Or her snobbish family. But it is the kind of thing that makes you wonder if, just maybe, you made a slight mistake in falling in love and proposing.

Nevertheless, Michael - a nice guy (y'know, apart from the killing for money thing) - does indeed love his intended and plans on making it all work. Somehow.

Things don't get any easier when a simple job turns sour due to a missing person, another assassin, ghosts from his past, a slightly drunk private eye and (worst of all) wedding shopping...

This pacy, darkly humourous thriller scrambles its way from Manhattan to Nottingham to Bangkok to Mansfield to 1980s New York and even 1970s Scarborough (you heard me) and leaves Mike wondering if an assassin can really have a happily ever after...

Sometimes, it's about love. Sometimes, it's about flowers. Sometimes, it's just about surviving the happiest day of your life...

Praise for The Assassin's Wedding:

"...delightfully cynical humour and skilfully woven plot twists make for a thoroughly entertaining read." - Left Lion Magazine

"outstanding... almost Chandleresque ... playing with reality in a way only the very best novelists can get away with" - Bren Verill, Authonomy.com

"Fantastic... bloody brilliant! Not laughed so much with a book for ages!!" - Sarah, Facebook Fan