Eighty8Tales Press

Well, put simply, Eighty8Tales Press is an independent publisher of quality fiction. We specialise in books and short stories but plan to expand into any other kind of media or platform that can be used to deliver great fiction and stories to your eager little eyes!

Available so far are three print books from Nottingham author, W W Morgan ('Lost Angels', 'The Cotton Keeper' and 'The Assassin's Wedding' - all available to buy from 88tales.com). Ontop of this, we have short stories by various writers (if you have a short you'd like us to post on the site, please email us at the address below). We also have sample chapters and novellas all available - like the shorts - to download for free.

So please come along to the website and check it out - we hope you'll find something to entertain you!

Website : www.88tales.com