About 'Dead Heroes'

"Too much freedom breeds crime."

So contends Jonathan Eustace, the Sheriff of Nottingham. A man who will stop at nothing to stamp out crime and safeguard the people of the city from its influence.

Scott Williams is self-centred, apathetic and a self-confessed avoider of all things 'politicky'. He also likes to burgle houses. When he meets a homeless drunk who claims to be Robin Hood, Scott does his best to back away slowly...

But the issues of crime, freedom, law and order are set to ignite the streets of Nottingham into a war that could redefine the meaning of freedom for everyone in the country.

And, sorry Scott, but those kinds of events are kind of hard to avoid for long...


A list of the characters as they rise to prominence within the story...

Albert Wetherby A drunk, old man who claims to be Robin Hood.
Jonathan Eustace The Sheriff of Nottingham.
Scott Williams The protégé.
Elton Cooper Scott's loyal best friend.
Grace Cooper Elton's sister. Scott's ex.


Dead Heroes is a work of fiction and is intended primarily for entertainment value. It is set in Nottingham and depicts certain buildings, organisations and individuals - some of them fictional and some of them real.

Any depiction of real-life organisations, individuals, positions of public office or any other entitiy is not intended as scrutiny, criticism, insult, satire or anything other than dramatic license for the purposes of storytelling.