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THE STORY SO FAR : Chapters 1 - 10
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SIX YEARS AGO : Late one night at the Sherwood Forest Visitor Centre, a group of computer programmers working on a project are shot and killed by one of their colleagues. The unbalanced and driven programmer sets about burning the entire facility to the ground.

NOW : The Sheriff of Nottingham, Jonathan Eustace, has been the public face of massive efforts by the City Council and the police to eradicate violent crime in Nottingham, fast making it one of the safest cities in the country. Unfortunately, there are still abstainers like Scott Williams who insist on burgling the odd house to supplement their dole money.

Scott eventually runs into a drunk, old homeless man called Albert Wetherby who claims to be Robin Hood. The old man won't leave Scott alone but his sobriety quickly returns when he learns that his daughter, Lyndsey Wood, has been murdered by burglars. Except Albert knows it wasn't burglars. It was the Sheriff. He knows this because he spent several months fighting his nemesis in a gang war across Nottinghamshire just a few years ago. It was a war he apparently lost - leading Eustace to political office and Albert to the bottom of a bottle.

Eustace, meanwhile, is hard at work. Although the post of Sheriff of Nottingham has no official power, he has used his influence to create a network of loyal followers within the Council, police and other wide-ranging agencies. He effectively runs Nottingham - and almost no-one realises it. He works toward ultimate law and order in the city and a day when everyone will be safe. And if he has to curb a few liberties or kill a few troublemakers to achieve his aims - then, so be it. Along with a small cabal of the city's most influential people, Jonathan Eustace works towards the fulfillment of all his goals with the impending launch of Project Safe and Sound.

Albert is trying to find out why Eustace had Lyndsey killed and tries to track down Lyndsey's assistant, Sara. He's an old man, though and asks for Scott's help. For reasons he can't figure out, the young layabout agrees. Utilising an old contact of Albert's - an information broker called Vincent - the pair track Sara down... just in time to watch the Sheriff's police chase her into the side of a petrol tanker. Nevertheless, they manage to retrieve a vital page of information that Sara had in her possession. The page of scribbled notes will take them one step closer to uncovering the full extent of the Sheriff's plans.

All the while, though, Scott is trying to get his head around the idea of Robin Hood and the Sheriff running around modern-day Nottingham - and he can't help wondering if Albert is being entirely truthful with him regarding where the hell these guys came from...


Chapter 1 : Back from the Dead (pt 1 of 3)
The Sheriff vows to finish what he started - eradicate all crime from Nottingham.

Chapter 2 : Back from the Dead (pt 2 of 3)
For Scott, life is simple. For Lyndsey, life is short...

Chapter 3 : Back from the Dead (pt 3 of 3)

Albert's alcoholic daze is broken by tragic news.

Chapter 4 : I Fought the Law
The Sheriff lays down the law...

Chapter 5 : Lazy Day

Scott wanders through the day, blissfully oblivious to what's really happening around him...

Chapter 6 : Tito's Guitar
Scott has to face the consequences of breaking into the home of dangerous criminals.

Chapter 7 : You Say You Want a Revolution
Albert enlists Scott's help in solving Lyndsey's murder.

Chapter 8 : Kicks at Junction 26 (pt 1)

The search for Lyndsey's killer takes an explosive turn...

Chapter 9 : Kicks at Junction 26 (pt 2)

Scott and Albert race against Sergeant Cooke to get hold of Lyndsey's file.

Chapter 10 : The Thing with Me and Grace

Scott tries to figure out where his life went wrong...

Chapter 11 : Dark Days, Dark Knights - Prologue
Discover what happened at the end of Chapter 9...

Chapter 12 : Dark Days, Dark Knights (pt 1)
Back in the war, Albert, Lyndsey and Grey meet a veritable modern-day Knight...

Chapter 13 : Dark Days, Dark Knights (pt 2)
Albert takes Scott to Sherwood Forest.

Chapter 14 : Dark Days, Dark Knights (pt 3)

Scott and Grey try to escape the cops...

Chapter 15 : Dark Days, Dark Knights (pt 4)
Albert and Robert Winchester kick ass...